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GU4U embodies the Power of Together!

GU4U, one of the many efforts by Graceland’s Alumni Board, helps Graceland students build networking skills and form valuable relationships that will assist them in obtaining summer internships and post-graduate employment. GU4U and Graceland alumni have helped dozens of students find employment opportunities and land real jobs. 

Just within the past month, Marissa Meyer, a 2018 Graceland graduate, took the perfect step in her job search—by emailing members of the GU4U committee! She was immediately connected with a Graceland alum who worked in her field of choice, the non-profit sector, who in turn provided her with several connections within different companies and organizations.

Within less than two weeks she was offered and accepted a job with Americorps in Anchorage, Alaska!

Marissa said: “I spent hours and hours submitting many online applications with no luck. You can have a great resume and grades but there are too many applicants online to compete with. That’s when I decided to take advantage of my network.” 

She emailed the GU4U committee and was connected with Lynley Closson, a 2014 Graceland graduate who is currently the Outreach Coordinator for EARN in San Francisco, California. Lynley immediately got on the phone with Marissa, gave her many ideas and options for her future, and put her in contact with Americorps.

“I couldn’t be more excited and it’s all thanks to the advice and support of the Graceland community!” -Marissa

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